Bangkok Street Food. Cooking Five Types of Noodles. Thailand

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Chanyeol Park says:

His smile 😄😄

Rich Homie Tron says:

which shithole country is that? we dont weclome niggas from there, only clean white ppl from Norway are welcomed here.

southern belle says:

Soooo hungryyyyy

FullDLL com says:

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Nokkeaw Brid says:


劉得全 says:


劉得全 says:

not clean very very not clean

CountessMaria Love says:

What is baht, and the sum in American money?

Norman Wong says:

Dunno about the food but he looks tasty!!!!

Nike Arangote says:

Wow that's a lot of sugar

ysa Velasco says:

i want to eat that all!!

CJ Edmonson says:

Wow,,,,,,,u can stir fry

Tippy H says:

WOW This chef has biceps from making his YUMMY DISH!

Mona Lisa says:

I hope someday i visit Thailand love it they food look so yummy yummy

Mona Lisa says:

All types of noodles is my favorite😍😍

tey phithack says:

สุดยอดครับ นักผัด เสั้น อิๆๆๆ

Indir Tauckoor says:

A'm watching this video cooking noodles it good! But didn't say ingredients thks.

srey poav c says:

MMMMM looks yummmmmyyyyyy i like the way he cooks no meat look like veggies im happy to see people eat veggies not to kill animals tyvm for share xxx

Mundica Augusto says:

si tivesse ai comia todos rsrs…amo macarrão….

แปมแปม ลายสลิด says:

น้ำซอสยังไม่เดือดเลย ใส่เส้นล่ะ

支那人 says:

Men better than women in cooking noodles

Rina julianti rina says:

Hmmm leikers …

Татьяна Валяева says:

Вкусняшка, как наш "Доширак"

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