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Bangkok to Phuket, Thai Airways TG205, business class, Airbus A330

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่jeerasak uraiwong says:

I keep track of your videos all the time. I like traveling to places by air.

Plane Spotter says:

How come you cannot here any of the people in the video however it is a great video

Renuka Mishr says:

Is emirates, your favourite airline?

Renuka Mishr says:

Which is the best airline according to u?

好太郎 says:

Great video! thanks for uploading!

Yannai Michael says:

From Bangkok to Phuket I usually take Bangkok Airways though

Keith Gardner says:

Great video, as usual. I have to say, with surprise, that it looks more like economy class. Nothing to do with you, of course)))

Jeffrey Miranda says:

I love you watching your videos! I hope that I can do it myself one day. May I ask what type of camera you use to record these videos because the quality is very good?

carmes87 says:

Depuis le temps…j'espere que vous deux allez bien.Une question..nous allons retourner a Phuket en février 2017.1er fois avec Emirates,mais 5h30 en attente a Dubai,pas génial 2em fois avec Qatar,bof ca va,mais en 2017,attente 9h05,trop longue,donc ma question,que pensez vous vraiment de vos vols avec Thai?En 2012 sommes allés en 1er classe avec Thai a Rangoon,super sauf bof encore pour 1er classe,mais MOINS cher…sur en Boeing 777-300er.Alors votre avis..SVP,merci Neil.

Ilyess msallem says:

Sur la vidéo je vous est entendu parler français si je me trompe pas ?

Ilyess msallem says:

C est bien un A330-300?

Thanattha S. says:

thank you for new experience
im from thailand

Hemant Kothari says:

Nice how was the service in flight

justbrowing007 says:

Ah ha the two love birds, I love watching you )

Ahmed Burhani says:

Hi from Karachi!!its really remarkable that how friendly & polite are the Thais`s in comparison to your trip to Delhi, I also had the experience at Delhi, the airport is first class but may be the mentality has not changed!!!

mine CAST says:

Ive flown business class a few times but to me that looks like a premium economy to me I didn't like the quality of it

jaymar yrog irog says:

its nice to go travel together both of you..:)

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