Bangkok Airways Flight Bangkok – Koh Samui on ATR 72

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Bangkok Airways Flight Bangkok – Koh Samui on ATR 72 Thailand


george says:

With my beloved PG to my beloved Koh Samui!

Thanx for letting me revive it! :-)

minesens says:

Ahh.. I'm starting to wait for that vid.

homer3152 says:

Oooohhh..thats sooo nice..thank you very much!!!! Some new vid coming very soon..just need time for editing..

sfflyer123 says:

Homer, it seems like you go to Bankok for work also. If you work here, do you like to have your vacation at the same place that you go for work? I remember when I visited bangkok, there were so many europeans. For some reason, Europeans love thailand. Not too many Americans. All the Americans are in Europe! Why do Europeans love Thailand so much! 

homer3152 says:

@AmericanAirlinesRule Thank you very much!

AmericanAirlinesRule says:

Fantastic video. Love the music choice, makes me wish I was somewhere tropical, like Miami.

Nicholas Gill says:

great vid man im going here again in 2 months i love the place!

homer3152 says:

I honestly forgot (:

Carina Jernberg says:

Hello!Nice flight to Koh Samui and sunny weather!I give you 5 star for this film!
I love it!I come do it a one beantiful day into my life!I hope you come be happy for my nice comments to you from me!=)
Thank you I got sharing on your video!=)
Greeting TheCARRE74=)

baggyjae says:

most defnitly! by the end of april i would have succesfully completed my trip nd made some pretty good video's hopefully.. Thanx for replyin..

homer3152 says:

Sounds like a whole lot of travelling..which i hope you will share here with us:)

baggyjae says:

great vid's homer.. I travel a lot nd i've been there and done that.. it's nice to see ur vid's cos they remind me of my journeys in a copl of months i plan to hit asia!! like – tokyo, seoul, manila, shangai, hong kong nd bangkok.. great vids! keep up the good work!!

youtrein says:

Very nice!

homer3152 says:

Thank you very much:) Actually, editing is really simple with the standard Movie Maker which i use. Also looking forward to your next videos – have a great 2009, also for your organization!

homer3152 says:

Work related:)

homer3152 says:

Why scary?

homer3152 says:

Always at your order, Sir:) Emirates Lounge Bangkok video online:)

homer3152 says:

Lol! I thought I could get away with it..but thank you very much for reminding me of my duties. Actually, return flight on A-319 was not really spectacular. But the EK lounge in BKK was fantastic, and I had 4 hours there:) Video on lounge will come soon:)

dc74me says:

Herr Homer, will you be posting more videos on the rest of your trip? We fear that your day job is getting in the way of your duty to entertain us! :>)

homer3152 says:

Lol..thought so too! says:

These little busses are great

FarisStronger says:

although things won't go too well if it rains :)

homer3152 says:

Actually, the nicest little airport I know:)

homer3152 says:

Thank you very much for your comment. Can´t wait either to fly the A 380; unfortunately, I can´t see either yet when the wait will have an end, lol.

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