BANGKOK AIRWAYS ECONOMY CLASS flight to Koh Samui – Airbus A319 Flight Review

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Part 3/3 This is a Trip Report of our Bangkok Airways Economy Class flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Koh Samui Airport onboard an Airbus A319.

This Flight Review covers the flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Koh Samui Airport. The video begins with Maxi and Maro arriving on a very delayed flight from Paris with Air France. We follow Maxi and Maro through the airport to see whether they are in time for their Economy Class flight to Koh Samui or not. Once our Bangkok Airways flight is ready for boarding the viewers is taken on a walk through the passenger bridge and onboard the Bangkok Airways Airbus A319, one one gets a view of the Bangkok Airways Cabin (the Bangkok Airways Business Class cabin has limited seats). Once the Bangkok Airways cabin crew have shown us our seats and our carry on luggage is in the overhead locker we sit in the seats. The Bangkok Airways Economy Class cabin interior is a fresh blue colour and the Bangkok Airways seat is nicely padded and very comfortable with a good seat recline, even in the back row of the Airbus A319 when we were sitting. This Trip Report then includes a presentation of The Bangkok Airways Inflight Shopping Catalog, the Bangkok Airways Inflight Magazine and the Bangkok Airways Onboard Safety Card. No Trip Report is complete without a trip to the Bangkok Airways Economy Class toilets, and that is covered in this Trip Report also. On this short 1 Hour and 45 Minute flight Bangkok Airways also serves an Inflight Meal and Inflight Beverages. The Economy Class inflight meal is hot and a generous portion is served along with either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. When arriving and departing from Thailand all foreign nationals (not Thailand residents) must fill out a Departure and Arrival Card. These cards are handed out onboard by the Bangkok Airways cabin crew and they are also covered in this Bangkok Airways Trip Report. This Trip report includes the approach, landing and arrival at Koh Samui Airport. In 2016 and 2017 Bangkok Airways has received the Award for Best Regional Airline.We do hope that you enjoy the video!

Wiki writes about Bangkok Airways, “Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited is a regional airline based in Bangkok, Thailand. It operates scheduled services to destinations in Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam. Its main base is Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok…”

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julia rainesh says:

I'm in live with your videos 😍❤😭 i watch them pretty often and whoaa the time flies so quick! I LOVE YOU MARO & MAX 😭😭❤❤❤

stéphane Tschan says:

Merci Maro et Maxi de me faire voyager et rêver

Coolguy069 says:

Fab trip report:) btw those ashtrays on the plane's toilets weren't for the olden days but for the case that someone was to break the rules. The airline would rather them dispose the cigarette instead of starting a fire.

Mario Leijon-Backe says:

Hello to you … Now I have studied your travels you have done … it has been very interesting and instructive … this makes it easy to learn what kind of airlines you can go with and in this way can you decide which airlines to go with … as you show off your movies (which you have put on YOUTUB) … Very good and easy to understand and you can perceive yourself how good and bad the airlines can be … but wish you could travel from Sweden … and try SAS … they are not so expensive … but a little warning: "They are not good when it comes to times and other things aboard the planet .. .. I always go with Qatar are …. / Thanks for uploading files so you can follow different airplanes … Thank you very much … MLB Sweden

Charleston Felimon says:

Great trip report sir! 🙂 I think you Love aviation..? 🙂

Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong says:

What was the registration of this aircraft? Some of the aircraft don't have adjustable headrests

harrytd50 says:

Another great review. I am intrigued as to why Singapore Changi is your favourite airport . I got the feeling that you really, really enjoyed Helsinki. Changi must be exceptional ?

Frank Steevensz says:

Good report, I always like it. Wonder have you ever made a flightreport of Garuda viz Jakarta -Amsterdam?

Lukas_Zed Aviation says:

Hi you two, loved this great Trip Report – as always a pleasure flying "with" you. You mentioned several times in here how much you love Singapore Changi Intl Airport. I've never been there myself but from what you filmed it looks very nice. I would like to know what makes this airport so special for you guys? Looking forward to next trip report 🙂

Don Hudson says:

I was wondering what type/make of camera you use to film your videos? I am looking for a long recording and easily downloadable camera to record our multi-destination trip next year.
Thank you if your can help!

S Fuchs says:

I´ve noticed you had quite a big trolley for cabin baggage. We´re going to Koh Samui with Bangkok Air in September and i´ve noticed they only allow a cabin baggage of up to 50 x 36 x 23 centimeter or 56 x 36 x 23 centimeter and only 5kg of weight.
Since we´re flying with airfrance to Bangkok, the cabin baggage for Air France is 55x35x25 and 12kg, so i´m wondering if we´ll run into any trouble if our bags may be a few centimeter too large or too heavy.
Did you ever experience any problems with this?
I´d really appreciate if you´d share your experiences with me 🙂

Yannis Moutafis says:

Hi guys.Another awesomely detailed flight report the Maxi and Maro way of making it.Excellent

AusTin Fly says:

Love BangkokAirways

FlyCruise Singapore says:

Great review Maxi and Maro! The terminal you are seeing at 15:05 is the upcoming Terminal 4 which will have its open house to the public in August. I am glad that you rate Changi Airport highly =) Bangkok Airways looks like a nice regional aircraft to fly on and I have never been to Koh Samui, I hope to visit one day. Have a fantastic weekend, I am holidaying in China =)

KhunPaulTravels says:

Excellent trip report Maro and Maxi. BKK Airways look like nice to fly and good services plus full meal inflight. Landing in Samui is like land to the runway. Not many airlines land in Samui. One day my girlfriend Nee, son Rondale and I will fly BKK Airways to Chiang Rai on Jan 2018 after the Phuket on new year

byromania says:

Maxi, you and Maro are so fortunate to have each other. You make a great team. Continue to travel the world and enjoy!

TheHDAviation says:

Looked like a nice flight experience, the meal looked pretty tasty too 🙂 That's cool to see the A380 pushing back right beside your aircraft as well.

Jameson Wong says:

Guess the reason you did not miss your flight was because you were connecting at the world's best and most efficient airport. IF it were Heathrow or Charles De Gaulle, you would have waved your flight good bye. In fact if you ever research about the efficiency targets of Changi, they have things such as a 7 minute guarantee that your bag will arrive from the aircraft to arrivals baggage carousel.

miata149 says:

Another excellent report (and photography/editing) from the M&M team; yes, the proper name is barf bag!

Aviation Videos says:

What a view of the apron at Singapore with all the different airlines and aircrafts. I really like your detailed trip reports. Looks like you had a really good time onboard.

Philip Hobson says:

Hello, again Maxi & Maro.

Nice to see a Finnair aircraft – I shall be joining them for the Singapore run on October 1st. I am really looking forward to the A350 experience.

Interesting to see a Scoot aircraft at T1 Changi as they normally fly from T2. I will be on the Scoot Perth run on 3rd October.

Tiger Air is to be merged with Scoot on 25th July 2017. The company will be rebranded Scoot but all the flights will have the Tiger Air designator codes. My flight was originally TZ8 but has been redesignated TR8.

Thanks for another great video 😉

RJnSD says:

Hello Maxi and Maro! Glad that you both made your connection on time!! Really enjoyed your trip report of your flight on Bangkok Airways. Bangkok's economy service is much better than our US carrier economy products. Hope you both had a wonderful holiday in Koh Samui. Best regards! Ron

Thomson Airways says:

Great vid keep up the good work

99carnot says:

Another fascinating trip report! I am glad you made your flight! Liked and have a good new week!

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