BANGKOK AIRWAYS ECONOMY CLASS Flight to Hong Kong – Airbus A319 Flight Review

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Bangkok Airways Flight PG873 to Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) from Koh Samui (USM) in Thailand. This is a short Bangkok Airways flight review (Trip Report) of Bangkok Airways flight PG873 from Koh Samui Airport (USM) to Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). This is onboard (cabin view video footage of the flight seen from the perspective of a passenger flying in Bangkok Airways Economy Class and includes the takeoff from Ko Samui (Samui Airport) and also the landing at Hong Kong International Airport.

This onboard cabin view trip report of our Bangkok Airways Economy Class flight begins at Koh Samui Airport at Bangkok Airway´s “Courtesy Corner”. Bangkok Air describes themselves as Asia’s Boutique Airline and pride themselves with providing a little bit extra fall all the passengers regardless of whether they are flying business class or economy class. Courtesy Corner is Bangkok Airs lounge for economy class passengers and provides a selection of free beverages (non alcoholic) and snacks, newspapers etc.for their passengers. After the Economy Lounge Area the video moves on to our departure Gate which was Gate 6. From this area we are transported in tram-like vehicles to our waiting aircraft. Our aircraft was an Airbus A319 with flight registration HS-PGY. Before take off a Bangkok Air ATR-72 can be seen getting her “pushback” prior to departure. We then follow our aircraft’s own take off over Bang Rak (The Big Buddha side of the Island). As the flaps are folded away our flight to Hong Kong begins. Shortly after takeoff we are presented with a nice selection of drinks and a light dinner. All drinks served onboard this Bangkok Airways Economy class flight where free for all passengers (including alcoholic drinks). The in-flight meal was a delicious potato salad, a Massaman Curry and a lovely piece of cheesecake for dessert and of course the obligatory bun which is included on all inflight meals. The stewardess provided us with complimentary headphones so that we called watch the inflight movie or listen to music. There was not any in flight entertainment system on this aircraft so passengers could watch the cabin monitors which folded out above their heads in the cabin The movie played on our particular flight was “Rio 2”. After dinner the evening begins to creep in more and more and it begins to become darker and more cloudy as we fly over Vietnam where the Summer Monsoon is currently active. Watch out for the large clouds and lightning as we fly over Vietnam. This flight review footage then shows our final approach towards Hong Kong International Airport with a few views of Hong Kong City. After landing we follow the full and rather long taxi of the aircraft to its gate at “North Satellite Concourse”. The video ends with the passengers disembarkation of Bangkok Airways Flight PG873 to Hong Kong.

This was a superb flight managed by a highly competent excellent and friendly cabin crew! The flight crew was also fantastic, and we had the pleasure to have a chat with the captain on the way to the arrivals terminal in the bus. This Boutique Airline is fantastic and I would choose to fly with this airline anytime….. as long as the level of service is always the same as they offer now.

Wiki writes about Bangkok Airways, “Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited is a regional airline based in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand. It operates scheduled services to destinations in Thailand, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Laos, Maldives, Burma, India and Singapore. Its main base is Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. Bangkok Airways is currently an official sponsor of Bangkok Glass FC, Chiang Mai FC, Trat FC, Lampang FC, Sukhothai FC and Bangkok Christian College FC. Airline ranking company Skytrax has consistently ranked Bangkok Airlines very highly, currently giving them a four-star rating…”.

This aviation footage is filmed at Koh Samui Airport (USM) in Thailand and onboard a Bangkok Airways Airbus A319 from the economy class passenger cabin. We are onboard flight PG 873 flying from Koh Samui to Hong Kong.

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Paul Whitear says:

Another great video. I flew from Turkey to London Gatwick on a night flight through an electrical storm. Fantastic sight.

isopath1 says:

I'm fascinated by the motorised toastracks they shuttle you to the plane in. A beautiful setting for an airport

Henry Nguyen says:

Can you make a video go to Vietnam ?

M Yau says:

Like the airport at Sukhothai, Bangkok Airways builds this airport did its own use. They have courtesy corner with refreshment. A great touch!


No IFE? I would not survive.

MrGriser says:

1:48 I would love to go on those cart like things what exactly would you call them may I ask?

Arman khair says:

Nice flight review 🙂

Deanne Dsouza says:

can u keep d headphones

Suriya Tamsiswadi says:

Fantastic video mate very well made flight report from take off to landing. I was wondering what seat was this video taken from? Keep up the good work!

Paul Abrook says:

Thankyou, I enjoyed your video.

Skengman Biscoff says:

I would've got super worried at that steam in the air…

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