Avani Resort & Spa – Pattaya’s Best Hotel?

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The Avani Hotel in Central Pattaya, a coastal city in Thailand, is a very beautiful resort that pays attention to all of the little details. From the bouganvillea’s overhanging the balconies to the friendly staff, to the great location, to the marvelous furnishing and decorations, this is a great place to stay for Pattaya on holiday. The place does not come cheap but it does bring tremendous value for what it offers.

The large central courtyard is an island of tranquility in the middle of a hustle and bustle of the city. As I walked through the thoroughfare of lush plants and trees I could not here any sound of auto traffic and instead heard the sounds of birds and the chirping of crickets. I know terms like “an oasis in the middle of the city” sounds like a marketing cliche but in this case it is really true. Often times these sort of spaces have to be located high up to achieve the same sort of effect but does anyone ever really relax 300 feet up in the air no matter how nice the surroundings?

This hotel used to be the Marriot and is now owned once again by it’s orginal founder Avani hotels which the nice reception lady told me they have 150 properties around the globe. It sits next to the Royal Garden complex and this the hotel is a landmark in the city.

At the time of writing this can be booked on Agoda for $93 per night. Much cheaper than the walk in price of 5-6,000 baht. My affiliate link is here where you can get the cheapest price for this or any other hotels on Agoda:
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ralph bellange says:

That’s a nice hotel, is it guest friendly…

Rajender Rajender says:

Nice hotel
Avani mean one of the bright star in tamil

carrtex says:

It's nice and all but I would never stay here.

Vaibhav Thamman says:

She is so good at her work. Who so ever hired her is also a professional.

Daniel K. says:

"where are you staying?" – "what's your username so I can follow"…
DUDE?! Are you high? Ask her out ! 😀

Frank Charles Black says:

that hotel is a paradise man..

CanadAarrgghhhhhh! says:

what a friendly lady

Huggy Bear says:

i was going to stay here but i didn't see a safety deposit box .

Eddie says:

12:45 best creepy charlie laugh…

Bobby Crush says:

Very good English? It was terrible, she sounded north American. What idiot would pay 5k a night to stay in Patts?

robert chandler says:

Dude this is WAY out of your wheel house and WAY out of most of your subs

Lukasz Jaskulski says:

You forgot to ask is it boom boom friendly

Jim C. says:

I thought she was a Filipina because she looks like one and she speaks English so well.

The Makeup Daddy says:

l walked into the W hotel once here in London. I wasn't even allowed to film and I was looking to book a room, but here she is using her energy to show you around despite the fact you only wanted to film the place. Now that's what I call great customer service.

s says:

Her english was better than Charlie's…

colin smith says:

She asked where you lived Charlie. I guess sometimes it is a bit embarrassing being a cheap Charlie. Although I think she had worked you out quite quickly. Stick to your cheap principles and when you meet a classy lady again stay proud to be cheap and don't crumble again. She will respect you for it and it will make for better viewing.

jack clifford says:

Did you dodge the reply to her question about what the name of your channel on Youtube was called ?

strangebrutoo says:

For a place that's "almost 100% full" it looks deserted.

S says:

she is a very professional lady

LongFinger says:

I'm in Pattaya now. I left Areca Lodge after 2 nights. 2650 baht a night. Room is ok on Evergreen wing. Staff very rude. I didn't like it. I found nice room on LK Metro for 995. 7000 for this hotel is crazy price unless you're a rich man.

Scott Adkins 1988 says:

this was very nice hotel rom, but why didnt you give her your user name on youtube when she asked about it and instead asked her if she is from thailand,! that is crazy!

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