Authentic Thai Recipes: Pad Thai, Pad Siew Ew, Green Curry

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I went to Bangkok Thailand and took a cooking class where I learned to make pad Thai, pad siew ew and green curry.

Poo’s Recipes:

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The cooking class I took:

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tastetheworld ABS says:

Great video! Check out our Taste the World Recipe Box channel and subscribe for more!

J-N-H-M says:

who filmed this ?

Elsa&lisa says:

I agree with ty ty , this video is right up my alley. I can't wait to make this food! Excellent!

jolly fresh says:

here if u let tehse slantyeyeyes foll u youd have to be rciher than trump to eat all that heres the recipe snow peas capsicum alafalalafa prawns mushrooms and rice done

brilliantatbreakfast says:

I would sell my soul to Satan if Mike would put together a video on how to use refrigerated wide rice noodles so they separate and don't turn into glop in the pan.

Drool Alot says:

Now you know the secrets of thai food…. When it taste different when you make it at home….. Palm sugar and they use healthy boy brand soy sauce

Lars Leo says:

i wish i have a chef app

Crystal McNair says:

The background music reminded me of the "Cooking Mama!" music that happens when you're actually doing the minigames… XD

Christine Bun says:

has he done a fire noodle video yet?

Juaniita2 says:

At the "cooking with poo" you just stirred everything, but somebody else put the ingredients in the pan.. 😂 thats cheating!! 😂😂

Shadespeare says:

Hey Mike, what sort of rice is that you're eating with your green curry? Looks really interesting.

Bucket List Retreats says:

PadSiew Ew with Poo LOL ….such a fun video & Thanks for the Recipes!!! Kelly

Baicha SnK says:

wow mike, you can really handle the heat!

Peng Loo says:

'This was a very fun cooking and eating experience..with poo!'

suck my rooster rooster says:

hemit has chican o:

Arya A says:

4.06 wdf is that?

Albert Valencia says:

Mike, I love how honestly you rate all of your meals, good and not so good. I never trust anyone who always smiles and "yumm's" through all of their food vlogs. Keep up the good work!

Myron Vas says:

Mikey Chen
Mikey Chan
Mikie Chan
Makie Chan
Mackie Chan
Jackie Chan

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