Asian Rocket Stove! Outdoor Camp Cooking Stove from Thailand

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Egg frying expert Gadd D. Danno showcases his new Thai made outdoor cooking stove.

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jerjerry12345 says:

egg anybody?? NOPE

Arfdog says:

Eggs aren't cooked enough

ptinio2 says:

Good stove, bad cook

lunkerlauncher says:

the plastic will run down into the clay vents below and imbibe the grill forever with unatural plastic dude please don't ever do that again start it with pine needles twigs just don't use plastic also pull the video so no one else does it

Danielle Madore says:


dna598 says:

you absolute idiot.

Zulfikran Zulmos says:

fucking moron

cc cc says:

NFI. No fucken idea. Watch that smoke infiltrate your house.

E turnall says:

whats worse the Teflon
pan or the plastic

Edgar Osegueda says:

Have fun getting stomach cancer…

Toro sharp edge says:

Dont use plastic

quosmo1 says:

came to comment on burning the plastic. lol. not disappointed to find it already mentioned everywhere 🙂

Deb Ropata says:

I found this video very entertaining….from the clicking of the lighter ….to the burning of the plastic… the burnt eggs …..but the comment section is the best!!

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