Artificial Reef Squadron to be sunk in Phuket

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Artificial Reef Squadron to be sunk off Bang Tao Bay in Phuket in November
All were prepared for these ten decommissioned planes and helicopters, the so-called ‘Artificial Reef Squadron’, to be sunk off Bang Tao Bay in Phuket to create Thailand’s largest artificial reef, hoping it would become a new site for divers in the Andaman Sea. The plane wreckages had been transported down to Phuket on 20 April prepared to be placed in the seabed on May 5th, but they were hindered by strong winds and dangerously big waves that arrived with the monsoon quite early this year. With concern for safety of staff and the dangers of the operation, the authorities have decided to postpone the placement until November this year which should be after the end of the monsoon season. Before this delay, all agencies concerned had been working together to make sure that the move would be beneficial to the country and that sinking the plane wrecks in the sea bottom did not do any harm to the environment. The project is a result of cooperation among Phuket Provincial authorities, Cheng Tale Sub-District Administration Organization, Tourism and Sport Authority of Phuket, Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Office Center 4, Thailand Diving Association (TDA) & ‘For The Sea Foundation’. Jens Hofacker,Thai Diving Association’s Chief Examiner, told us that this is the 1st time for such a project in Thailand and the TDA hopes to conduct more activities like this in future:
Sakanan Plathong from Prince of Songkhla University or PSU, who is also on the advisory committee member in the ‘For the Sea Foundation’ insisted that the artificial reef would be beneficial to the community. Study results and previous experience with such objects like concrete, cars, train bogies and plane wrecks, have been placed in the sea in the United States and Canada and they have proved to work well. Before the placement all objects harmful to divers or the environment were removed, for example oil, cables, and sharp objects were carefully inspected and removed. And this what it is going to be like after the sinking. The site is expected to be extraordinary and exciting for divers, as well attract more fish for local fishermen. Asked why Bang Tao Bay was chosen as the location, the advisor to the ‘For the Sea Foundation’ stated that the main objective of the placement is to create a new dive site, to attract divers from other natural reef sites, to give nature a break.

So while we all wait for the monsoon to subside in November, the four Douglas C-47 Dakota Skytrain military transport aircraft and six Sikorsky S-58T helicopters will be kept at Phuket Deep Sea Port, even better prepared to take off and land in their final resting place at the bottom of BangTao Bay.

Special report for Andaman News NBT (VHF dial) at 8.30am & local Cable TV channel 1 + maybe FM90.5 Radio Thailand 6pm, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces, & possibly FM108 Mazz Radio 7.30pm in Phuket, Tuesday 6 May 2008 &


megatwingo says:

I´m a big fan of those artificial reef building projects.
The gains for nature and economy are obvious.
Why have they to use VINTAGE AIRCRAFT for this task?
That´s something I can´t understand.
Aren´t there enough "modern" (but broken) aircraft and ship wrecks available to avoid the sinking of precious museum exhibits like those vintage aircraft?

Andrew Kellogg says:

screw the reefs, we need the DC-3s

brucekirk89 says:

damn you see that ther is actually advertisnebts on the side of them planes

BFKAnthony817 says:

Phucket is right…. Phucking Idiots! Better to sink them though than to scrap them…

Strelok says:

DC-3's are my fav planes, why dont they keep them instead of dumping them into water!

Krazz E says:

ideots! restore th dam aircraft!!!

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