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In this movie Geoff Carter shows you the Ark Bar & Chaweng Beach koh Samui Thailand.
Great place to party, day & night, chill out & relax. swim in the warm waters, have food, chat with friends, or just people watch.
Take a dip in the pool, read a book. Happy hour drinks start at just 70 thai baht.

Koh Samui stats.
Area: 228.7 km²
Max length: 25 km
Max width: 21 km
Province: Surat Thani Province
Population: 62,500 (2012)

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South EastWood says:

"A little Womble there making it" haha 😂👍👍

Tim Bennett says:

Geoff you are not talking to many 8 year olds! Talk grown up ffs.

Javar W says:

Fuck off back to your country you cunt ass faggot ass cracker ass white cum-skinned looking Australian bitch ass mate.

AnssiVIH says:

Been twice in Samui. Ark had some nice parties in the evenings.

hotbananas 2 says:

Its Jaywick

Dee Rogerson says:


Tim Bennett says:

Cheers mate …. just booked 10 days at the Ark Bar Hotel ….. well happy with my choice now!

Khaos969 says:

went in 2009 , 2012 , and going 2018 feb … see you there if you dare 😛

Selton K says:

thanks for the chub Geoff. my trouser snake is all plump now

Abulhassan Albulushi says:

the best vids of you I have ever seen!

Hans Pettersson says:

I be there in 3 weeks and you make me want to go tomorrow 🙂

Bahasa says:

Check the best rates for accommodation on Koh Samui via Agoda:

Team Donry LDR couple says:

Very nice 🙂 My bf and I will go there next month. Nice that I found your channel. You had another subscriber 🙂 More powers!

billytheweasel says:

lol good times eh?

right attitude for LOS

Иван Кикнадзе says:

I was there!

Isaac Kohn says:

Guy said he hopes you fall in the pool

Ritch London says:

Stayed in Ark Bar many times. Great party vibe but personally think it's not worth the money they charge.

Adam Foster says:

after watching all your vidz and coundnt wait to get there… on a night out turns out you knew my mate but you blanked me when i tryed talking to you… proper ignorant man..

Mal Milligan says:

I'm adding Koh Samui to my list of places to visit next time I'm in Thailand.

oncall21 says:

Thanks for sharing Geoff. Koh Samui was my favourite place in Thailand. Cheers mate!

Lloyd Wright says:

Geoff you took the words out of my mouth, I thought it was the invisible man as well.!!!!

Luther7449 says:

"Look at that, it looks fantastic"

Oh, I thought you were talking about her shorts.

jamez dean says:

hey geoff great video as always. iv been to thailand over 30 times but havent been to koh samui , do u rate samui better then phuket for swimming beaches? iv got a 15 month old boy now so need a nice clean beach . keep up the great work:)

Kurkin Viacheslav says:

Старый уебок

BigD Travels says:

Never disappoints.  Those two gals at the beginning walking, wow nock outs.

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