Angel’s Melon Smoothie – Night Life with Beautiful Girl | Thai Street Food in Bangkok Thailand

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Thomas S. says:

Kommt ziemlich eingebildet rüber, die Tante.

Dragon RA says:

She is so sad 🙁

RGV N says:

in my country india she would have been a actress , or tv star



Martians 808 says:

what age? and name location? cp number?

Riki Sucipto says:

Cakep yg jualannya ..haha

Dinhvan Le says:

in the dargu dranh gurb

小 小 says:


ekim andersom says:

I do like her melons

Sofia Hashim says:

OMG! She's so beautiful and hard working. .. I bet she's absolutely a woman 😊😊😊😊

Saudiar Ulah says:

That is secret of owner. Is beauty.

Quyet Leba says:

cho hỏi nó là trai hay gái để còn bình luận ạ :))

bắp ngô says:

OMG! I do not stay there so beautiful girl

mukti septian says:

Di suatu hari tanpa sengaja kita bertemu, aku yang pernah terluka kembali mengenal cinta…
Semua itu karena,

微信 ttgj2627 says:


Huong Vo says:

Xinh thiệt

Chawala Ha says:



I wanna get it just to talk to her

KN Daily says:

Wow pretty girl

Giggity Giggity Goo says:

That's one problem with that kind of face I can't say if is a he or she?

User Not found says:

Somebody answer the fucking phone!! I'm busy watching her!

fun channel65 says:

so beautiful and hard working

Thiet Tam says:

Đẹp quá trời!

Rocio Martinez says:

I think instead of obsessing over her like a weirdo that he is he should ask her out. but he's sad so he Hoover's over her and records her. goes hope replays the video while he is alone and touches himself fantasies that is her touching him. what a sad sick fuck.

Hlwan Moe says:

Most of Thai ladyboys are prettier than real ladies…i'm not sure she is genuine one or not. lol

Kye Wonglee says:

She look ok for a mix girl hard working girl 👏🏼

focus man says:

oohh how I want to softly bite her nipples and lick it clockwise with my tongue.
now don't tell me I don't respect her and all that shit, cause I do but ohhh those tits and those silky legs and between those silky legs her gorgeous pussy which I bet are more tasty than her melon smoothie. ohhh to taste her heavenly pussy and celestial tits, my friends I am out of this world right now, the whole universe is singing to me a song about her breast which is more beautiful than milky way, about her nipples which Micheal angelo himself couldn't sculpt because he could not keep his hands out of his pants and her almighty Pussy which could kill even a lion. To taste such beauty is to become immortal, for even a man who is hit by a car then half eaten by stray dogs and maggots lurking throughout what is left of his body will jump up and run when its time for her to open her Angels Melon smoothie Stall and stand in queue.

किसन पजापत says:

बहुत अच्छा है कौन से देश का है

Bobby reza farresy says:

I dont care that is a real lady or ladyboy i cant ask that later if i go to there , if i go to thailand (bangkok street food) i would definitely try his melon smoothie every single day and night 😂

Ritha Angkor says:

very beautiful Market

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