Amazing Blue Waters of Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay | Phuket, Thailand (Canon 5D Mark II)

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From a recent trip to Phuket, home to some of the bluest waters and most stunning beaches and scenery in the world. Highlights include Maya Bay / Maya Beach (where “The Beach” was filmed), Phang Nga Bay, Koh Phi Phi, James Bond Island (where one of the first 007’s was filmed; aka Khao Phing Kan).

The video footage was filmed using a Canon 5D Mark II.


gollumondrugs says:

Phi Phi and Maya Bay are in Krabi province not Phuket.

José Ernesto González says:

"Pure white sand, crystal clear water" Beach movie.

Ahmed Amine Lektati says:

What month was that? Really beautiful. How much renting a boat for the day?

peaceful harmony says:

Wow are the waters this crystal clear all year round or just certain period?

S angel says:

I was there 3 weeks ago!! The water was absolutely breathtaking!!

badash786 says:

wow your camera is amazing but still doesnt do it justice needs to be seen in person

friendly tour says:


Pepinus says:

69 dislikes now 70

Originals N' More says:

hehe Phuket… hehehe

Mamma Kate says:

Do they sell jerk chicken there?

The Germinator says:

that is amazing

Khalifa Bening says:

i've been here twice but its just not enough.. plan for next trip

MBN - says:

Can you now believe me that heaven and paradise is right here on this planet. don't search for it anywhere else

MBN - says:

wonderfully, magicly beautiful. I wish I can see this place some day soon. I really do envy people who already saw this beautiful water. ummmmmmmmmmm

calam says:

Maya Bay is jaw droppingly beautiful. Hire a longtail boat and go very early or late afternoon to avoid the crowds It will not disappoint. The perfect arc of white sand, crystal clear azure sea, gentle waves, lush steep cliff sides and sheer complete beauty are incomparable. I have been to many gorgeous beaches but Maya Bay is the most beautiful I have see. Loh Mee Doh beach on Phi Phi Don is pretty special too. Visit both in a longtail at around 1309 baht. Love Thailand.

s1221ljc says:

Very nice video of the beautiful islands of Koh Phi Phi. These islands are part of Krabi province & Phuket is under a separate province although these islands can be accessed directly from Phuket.

EGYPTMohamed Fayz says:

The beach brings me here

Angel Martinez says:

How do i get to maya bay from phuket? where do the do the long tail/speed boats depart from?

Luke, I'm your father! says:

Actually yes, Thailand can be beautiful if you are lucky but that chance is slim vs. FLORIDA

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