Amazing beaches with Russian girls – Pattaya Thailand

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Pattaya, Thailand 2017. Travel to Koh Larn Island. Samae and Tien beach: a lot of sun, bikini and Russian girls.

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shaky snakes – clark drive sunrise
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chris medina says:

3:21 wow you missed that nip slip

Sl lk says:

earthen paradise

nadeem memon says:

Why are you standing so far from the Russian girls go a ask for a night stand

Seth Williams says:

Looks like a beach in Europe. Not all that exciting. Not a single phat round arse on the beach.

clippers4me says:

The beaches of Pattaya is very ugly and dirty.

James Anderson says:

Go up to them and ask "how much?"

Jason Owen says:

Pattaya will become a shit hole now the Russians are there, everywhere the Russians go its always the same, Sharm El Sheikh was a great place until all the drunken Russians turned up, Ibiza was a great place, then the Russians turned up, now a shit hole. You wait in 10 years all the Western Europeans will stop going to Pattaya and Phuket and guess why. RUSSIANS

XCCC Unknown says:

I wonder if Russian girls are easy as thai girls to fuck

Саша пупкин says:

А при каких тут русские девушки? Рекламный ход?

Brummie Brink says:

great video pattaya random. good work.

Don Haig says:

Nice video 👍🍺
9:20 did u speak with them ? 🇷🇺

beano says:

Nice atmospheric beats at the end

Scott Parnell says:

That's what I want to do.
Go all the way to Thailand to look at a bunch of white women. NOT .

流ツルツル趣旨るぬゆぬし says:

Hello bro
Actually u have awesome videos , and strategy to get them
But i need ask u some q
What is name this beach ,? And How i can get this beach

And thank u ,, keep going

ttlkhaoz says:

are these more or less the wealthy Russians comming to thailand, or average folks ?

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