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Alexandra N says:

I’m coming here next year can’t waitttttt 😍

Sarah Tang says:

Our condolences on the passing of your dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
M & S

Tiquila man says:

I just confirmed with Grahm and pie and they also said you are in your 80's wow man you look great

intsccents says:

Hi Jim I have to say that I love the Amari hotels staff included, always top notch and beautiful gardens even the one in pattaya on beach road,,, well worth the money… L.A Rob

D 3 says:

Nice one Cobber.

Amazing Chiang Mai says:

Great video as always and great views there.. that dog was really cute at the end.. 🙂

Russell Brain says:

thanks for the video Jim . I don't think that Koi Samui is for a couple of old farts like us . I know that Ian would have snapped his carrot in the car park . Your video on Cha Am , however , has whet our appetite . Thanks again .

Scuba Tom says:

What are the rules on tipping?

Rob Rosengreen says:

Nice one Jim, Loved the Thai girls at the end, Thanks

สาวอุดรกับสามีฝรั่ง Udon Lady with Farang says:

Great video mate we enjoyed it , thx

Colin Gage says:

Nice vid again jim

Colin Gage says:

Nice vid again jim

Barry Smith UCBC says:

Nice one again Jim. Very swanky hotel, lets see if it lives up to its promise (My guess is it will). I have travelled quite a bit in Thailand but never been to Samui. Although your vlogs have been great, I dont think I have missed very much to be honest.

hypnotechno says:

Excellent video, Jim.  Nice hotel.  Love these no-nonsense, tell it like it is videos. Samui does not seem to have a particularly chilled island vibe, but at least you have experienced as it is now.  Thanks for sharing

Russell Berndes says:

That was one of the most entertaining hotel reviews I’ve seen. Nice one Jim.

Paul Samuelson says:

Like you say Jim, it is nice to treat yourself sometimes.  Some of the scenery is 5 star as well.

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