All You Can Eat THAI Hot Pot Buffet! New York Hot Pot Tour Part 3!

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Get ready for AYCE Hot Pot Part 3! In this round I went to more NYC locations as well as a Thai style hot pot buffet! Enjoy!
**LOOK OUT for my HOMEMADE Hot Pot recipe on our cooking channel!
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Nate Mano says:

Hey Mike why dont u have a Chinese accent(also im Asian too im from the Philippines)hope u answer

zac Organ says:

Wish I knew the music playing in the background

Samuel Torres says:

I ate at hometown today with my fam, NO REGRETS, I also made Mikey's famous sauce as well, I see why it's amazing as he claims

Agent of Shield says:

I'm starting

Kharmitas says:

Geoduck is pronounced gooey duck

Dr. Philigan says:

You handle spice really good. Whenever I try eat spicy, I need 2 large cups of milk tea😅

Anluxe M says:

I want some hotpot now!!

vdotme says:

I don't know why I watch these videos. I always end up hungry and thoroughly unimpressed by the options in my kitchen. I need to search for hot pot in London. Feel free to give me any recommendations.

Julie Jules says:

These were really helpful and I'm grateful you found one in BK for us. I'd love to see an AYCE Korean BBQ tour without hot pot, if it exists lol.

CezaMVO says:

Mike almost snapped on that lady when she questioned if he can eat all the food he was ordering ha

Jasmine Armenta says:

do this for LA PLEASE! hot pot + kbbq, also maybe even ramen and/or pho?

Austin White says:

You should try Fire Ramen in Kyoto, Japan. It looks like your kind of place.

Ian Ellsworth says:

I love you man! You're hilarious and I love how much u like food. Keep up the good eats!!

Emily C says:

My aunt owns the first restaurant

Hafsah Siddique says:

I am so hungry for hot pot T.T

Francis Inghels says:

it's everything but not Thai…..

Anthony Shakur says:

Dill's for fish lol

Dadrunkcheese says:

You should go to LA and do the Orochon Special #2 spicy ramen challenge

Kc San Juan says:

you should do a colab with Ms Yeah!

Scotty Earnest says:

For one, you have one of the best channels on Youtube…and Broccoli is AWESOME! lol

Jessica Lee says:

why do you post a video when im hungry😭

Keith says:

I knew I had met my soul mate when we both loved garlic and it never stopped us from kissing.

Blade Williams says:

You should try fried okra, it’s 10 times better than raw okra! 👍👍👍

Erroll Leggo says:

Dude, steamed broc with a little butter… so good.

amie wu says:

What is your take on mister hotpot? I think they have the best broth better than little lamb.

Tony says:

im 17:59 min through the vid and he still has a 3rd stop!?! wtf! I almost pulling a Walter Bishop and dropping acid to understand how this dudes stomach works…i tell you its nothing like Kevin Harts fictional bank account for sure! lol

paul mei says:

Nice vancouver shirt

Maryrose Tinao says:

Hi sir mikey.. im the BIG fan of yours from philippines.. sir i have request if its okay.. sir could you please film a video while trying filipino cuisine specially sinigang and adobo.. please sir take care and God bless.. 😍😍

Claire lewx says:

You should come to Malaysia, you think Singapore food is great ? Come to the land of food heaven 😂

Soubhik Das says:

I'm eating Ghugni right now. Mike find out whats a ghugni. 😉

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