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Nigerians wherever they are in the world always find a way to enjoy the delicacies of their heritage. Despite the huge cost of transporting food ingredients, Nigerian restaurant owners in Bangkok say it is worth the effort as cooking African delicacies for Africans in Asia is the best way to keep home always in their hearts. Julietta Aina visited one of the most popular Nigerian restaurant in Bangkok.


Chucky Conan says:

WElcome to Thailand 🙂 ~ ! ignore the haters !

Pearutch Kuvinichkul says:

anybody give me the location of this resto please

Angelo Stevens says:

Kill or deport all Africans in Thailand. They are all here committing crimes.

Victor Tim says:

Please, can someone send me the address and location of this restaurants. Will like to give it a try

Bart. nl says:

Scams, hook up place. Kick them all out. Scum nigerians.

Queen Queenly says:

I don't eat Naija food for several reasons but I am happy Naija people have somewhere to eat in Thailand when they miss their food

Little Englander says:

Glad they can eat well on all that ScaM money their earning

Muhammad Fernando says:

well that's why african african people have a lowest IQ….because they love eat everything carbohidrat and much oil….so stupid african

Nawaz Abdul says:

omg Nigerian in Thailand and Malaysia what is there business there i know that scamming Australian and the world on internet

Balochistani Tech Support says:

ha⅃Lo its me at QUƎTTA form Balochistan
my IMAM he say
how is IT
them nigerians THEY is allow go 2 thaiLand
when peace luvving MUSLIMS like us not allow
the thai THEY is v.odd pople
thank U v.niceLƎY

Flower Misses says:

They make yahoo yahoo in Asia!

Rabbi Sheckles says:

Why not eat thai food? You're in fucking thailand. Might as well setup a KFC if you want to attract crime

john mercy says:

this why u see every black african with big good ,huge and strong cock and they fuck well. not like assia pen cock. there not taking drug to fuck well. u cant see african with 3inch cock, like asians do have.Lmao..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ChaiwatTh says:

what a shame that Nigerians are allowed to stay in Thailand! almost all of them don't have legal jobs or working visas. they live out of drug smuggling, prostitution and scamming. they dare to fight with the Royal Thai police.
 those people should be kicked out of Thailand and blacklisted forever.

ala oro says:

Too much starch, oil and fatty meats…..Thai food with its emphasis on vegetables is much healthier

Roberto Day says:

Liberian guy loud as hell what a rough neck.people eating with their hands you can change the culture god damn it

Roberto Day says:

Why they eating with their hands wtf man

การันต์ ธนะชัยขันธ์ says:

Where is it in Bangkok?? Is it still open ?? I'm Thai but I have tried Nigerian food before when I studied in the UK. Now It's been 5 years , I miss it so much. (I love Ogbono Soup.)

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