A Walking Tour of Pattaya: Thailand’s Ultimate Party Scene

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Exploring the party scene at Pattaya, Thailand.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ and/or a GoProHero Plus LCD.

Music during the video:

Intro song: “Smart Riot” by Huma-Huma
“Stringed Disco”, “Dub Feral” & “Deliberate Thought” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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A Walking Tour of Pattaya: Thailand’s Ultimate Party Scene

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James H says:

that water must be full of sewage

chosenone4447 says:

Despite what some people might say or think, this city actually has a lot to offer and has been growing tremendously. I was there 15 years ago when they were just building really nice malls with movie theaters. It has nice beaches, great nightlife, shopping, etc. And not far down the beach is Jomtien where was nothing when I was there. It's a lot calmer and Bangkok is only 2-3 hours away. Beautiful islands are within reach as well.

Mr Rotary says:

Supprised you didn't come up from that water choking on rubber Johnnie's 😂😂

chilli out says:

I enjoy your tours very much Gabriel, but was slightly surprised that you chose that time of day to film that aspect of Pattaya. Setting off a few hours later might have brought more spectacular results…especially down beach road and walking street. Keep up the good work.

Johnny Wewoka says:

Dude your videos are waaaaaaaaay to shaky

Farhad Hasan Farhad Hasan says:

42002559 600714 K.Ali K.Ali 5500 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

sandy moonstone says:

5:46 Pussy Galore is a James Bond character.

Jeff Stryker says:

I would be too scared to go here because of the ladyboys.

rokanrollannie1 says:

Some of your videos are awesome guides as to where not to EVER go. This place looks like a s*it hole can't believe anyone other than sexually depraved perverts spend money to travel there. hopefully the rest of Thailand is nothing like this!

Jennie W says:

Hair cut looks good!

lingcodful says:

pattaya a big sewer hole its fucking discusting

Karl Gibson says:

The sewage plant outlet is on your right just before the beginning of walking street usually the main doors are open & it's there for all to see. I use to go snorkelling in Thailand & the water is Crystal clear with plenty of fish when you go to the Ilands a short boat ride from Pattaya, but I've never seen a fish while using a fish finder on that water front close to beach road. Find it hard to believe they put that huge sewage outlet where they did & only a few years ago they built it, but that's Thailand. Most Thai males have a fear of the sea so they don't care what tourists do. In the last few days a few people have been killed swimming next to you where swimming hit by jet skies & a speed boat. Subscribe to THAIVISA, a Channel on YOUTUBE, it's all in English & the News reader has a great sence of humour regard what Thais get up to & Pattaya News. Good luck with your travels I spent the best part of 9 years backpacking I leant a lot & mostly traveled alone but have hung my backpack up now after been nearly shot twice, by those Thais.

Karl Gibson says:

Swimming 200 yards from a city's Sewage outlet explain,s the reason why the water is not clear your swimming in untreated human body waste. Only in Thailand would you find a huge Sewage outlet next to the most famous street in Pattaya Walking Street.

Tyler MacDonald says:

Honestly bro, it wouldn't kill you to work out and put on some muscle. Life is a balance, and it's clear that you're neglecting your body.

Locke Finely says:

clear water a big plus

sandy moonstone says:

🐘 I did not see you hopping or jumping in the water 🏊 🐘

Hindi Illuminati says:

20$ for 5 beers

Mr. Hesky says:

ladyboy sighting at 1:56.

lucydg1 says:

Why don't you walk along the beach? would be more pleasant!

kevin morison says:

They look like lady boys…I heard there are more lady boys than female hookers in Pattaya?

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