A Beautiful Day In Pattaya, Thailand

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Pattaya, Thailand is entering hot season, when the sun is very bright and temperatures very hot. It’s a great time to laze on the beach and soak up the sun rays. Yesterday was Makha Bukha day, a major holiday in the Buddhist religion. I witnessed a beautiful monk procession by chance, also observed some of the comings and goings at the Tai Market. Later I went to Jomtien Beach, bought some Som Tham with grilled chicken and kowniow, one of my favorite streets foods, and enjoyed the hot weather as I sat on the beach.

I think Jomtien Beach is one of the greatest beaches in the world because not only is it beautiful but there is so much going on with all kinds of people that it is entertaining just being there. I like urban beaches like Jomtien or Copacabana, deserted or pristine beaches may be beautiful but also get boring. Later I stopped at Soi Buakhao, had a soda water and took in the scene near the market.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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spiegel says:

As an ex restaurant owner, I would love to see what the opinions would be of the health inspectors in my country. All that food just left out uncovered, unheated or unrefrigerated with flies buzzing around. They would go mental. LOL And yet, I bet most Thais don't get sick from it. Their stomachs have been toughened up over the years I guess.

Richard Seddon says:

Some of those monks look very corrupt, gambling and womanizing on their time off.

steff hamburg says:

nice! i want come back leoleo :-))

makaveli24k says:

charlie please mute the sound of the clips and put some background sound over the clips . its so annoying and unprofessional and i like your videos. im sure it will benefit your channel if you improve the quality of your contenet

Big Mark says:

Do you know the cost of the parasailing I think it’s called , and is there a weight limit for it ?

A RaysFan says:

Buddha Holiday, bars closed for 24 hours…did you get the shakes? 5555

Fan Yu Win says:

Nice work Charlie – you got a lot of good scenes there. I noticed some people swimming but I saw somewhere else that apparently raw sewerage is dumped straight into the ocean near that area – is that true?

K. M. says:

The blind woman singing through the portable karaoke machine is usually a fixture in Nana and Asoke in Bangkok. I guess she saw fit to make her way to Pattaya. I guess a change of scenery is always nice.

Dan Rich says:

3:04 – gal in camp <3

terry firlotte says:

The Tacos/Burritos at the Buakao Market are very good, nice half Thai/Spanish 1 woman stall, hit it a try. 2 tacos 70 baht small size I usually get six for 210, very good

SweetGuy says:

are u testing some color effects?

Sonny Jim in Thailand says:

New camera?

Chris Andrews says:

this blog reminded me of the bkk112 vlogs very enjoyable

MCtheC says:

An "American" with a funny accent who dosn't know a pitbull when he sees one? Americaaa? No, I think it is "I'm from Armeniaaa"!

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