A Bangkok Taxi Driver – Driving in a taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya

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I met this taxi driver on Khao San Road. We wanted to get to Pattaya and i negotiated a deal with the driver. The agreed price was 1000 baht and i payed the road tolls.

You can get mini vans around Khao San Road that will take you to Pattaya for about 300 baht but you will be crammed into the van like sardines and it can be a uncomfortable ride.

This trip was on Labour and leading into a 4 or 5 day holiday for the Thai people so lots of them headed towards Pattaya for a break. The total trip usually takes about 90-120 minutes depending on traffic and your driver, however due to the mass traffic this trip took closer to 4 hours.

In the end i payed him 1200 plus i payed the tolls. A 200 baht tip for his extra time, calmness and overall good attitude was well deserved. He was a happy guy, family man and offered so many great tips and advice about Thailand.

If you are on Khao San Road, keep a look out for this guy. He has worked Khao San Road for 18 years and is there every day. Tell him dead Farang says Hi.


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jeffincabo says:

Why is Australia the "best " country in the world ?

Monkey boy says:

Australia the best country in the world….. dream on skippy!! 😂

Beer Monkey says:

True story bro.

chaos says:

funny driver hahahaha

ekim andersom says:

i took taxi's the last five years i have been there , and i never had one who speaks English this good!

Abraham Tadesse says:

much love from Texas! keep making these kinds of videos please, love the no BS personality! Ive got to make a plan to come out there, this corporate life is killer

Ichsan Muhammad says:

hahahaha the driver so funny

stevan han says:

How long does it take to get to Pattaya from Bangkok via taxi typically?

richie rich says:

Lol lol lol awesome

Stephen Watson says:

Good vlog , good price on the ride .

Maynardj says:

dude I love your videos you are by far one of the best vloggers on YouTube… And in my opinion you are totally overlooked and extremely underrated…

I was wondering if it was possible to fly from Bangkok to Pattaya? Does anyone know this?

Brummie Brink says:

very good video dead farang, good to see thanks

john basic says:

I have to say the cabby drivers in Thailand are the most friendliest people unlike the cabbys in Melbourne.

Matthew Nugent says:

Great Vid mate i like seeing Vids like this…I am from Perth are u from Melbourne?..Who is your afl team? Do u live in Thailand?…

T ski says:

you should of got his contact info to post here.

Mananchai Pitaksa says:

I'm from Buriram too 5555+, But i live, and study in Sydney, Australia

Geoff Plantagenet says:

Taxi driver speak big English!!

Geoff Plantagenet says:

he said "soldier"  (Thahan in Thai) in Gaza Strip……trying to cut down on hiring Palestinians, the Israeli's hire many Thai people to work on farms there.  I guess he was also some type of security guard near the border.  One time when these guys were fighting with each other, a Thai worker was killed by the Palestinian lobbing some missile over the border……..not trying to get political, just trying to explain what he is saying for other viewers.http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/19/world/middleeast/19gaza.html?_r=0

Leslie Robinson says:

Great video,Dead Farang!!! I want that guy driving me from Bangkok to Pattaya! He's a good guy,GREAT English!

Bailey Emia says:

Dead Farang – "Australia, best country in the world!"
Driver – "…and New Zealand's very good".
Dead Farang – "… New Zealand's not bad… not bad" (yeah right)

Hahaha c'mon bro! Cut us kiwi's some slack!

Awesome vid by the way – keep 'em coming mate

The Gunman says:

Another good vid DF

craig vietor says:

hey are they charging more for everthing just wondering, because the dollar is worth more now?

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