7 Must-Eats in PHUKET, Thailand

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Art Thomya, a Thai singer/songwriter, will show you the 7 Must-Eats in Phuket, the largest island in Thailand and one of the world’s most famous islands. Art was accompanied by his local friend, Kritchaya or ‘Chaya’ Na Takuathung, who is eager to show you the charms of her hometown. Let’s take this journey together!

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7 Must-Eats in PHUKET, Thailand
#1 Roti with Curry : http://bit.ly/2cfn3kL
#2 Moo Hong (Local Stewed Pork Belly) : http://bit.ly/2c4tAEC
#3 Phuket Style Chilli Paste : http://bit.ly/2c4tAEC
#4 Hokkien Noodles : http://bit.ly/2cJ2cuJ
#5 Mee Hoon Kang Puu with Buer Tod : http://bit.ly/2cKDew8
#6 Lo Bah (Deep Fried Pork Organs) : http://bit.ly/2bYBkXI
#7 Oh Aew (Jelly & Beans with Shaved Ice) : http://bit.ly/2bYBkXI

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Tony Fernando Photo & Video says:

You are doing a great job my friend…

Rob Vira says:

I can't eat any of those suggested foods. I don't think I like Southern Thai Food. Too many curries.

Santiago says:

I'm going in a few months. Can't wait

khunji lin says:

Actually, should spell, Mee Hoon "Kaeng" Poo na ka.

Оксана Воробьёва says:

So cool! Thank you for so amazing video!

Tyler Oakley says:

Amazing, must try! So much of exotic or unique dishes. You have not really traveled to Thailand unless you have savoured their spicy cuisines especially the curries.


I'm live in sukhothai in thailand


a thailand I'm not Australia

Coolest Couple In The World says:

Nice video! We just posted our top 10 fun things to do in Phuket!

PhuketYourStory says:

Love the roti !

Razzaq Bashir says:

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Diandeh Nath says:

what is the background score.:)

javed ahmed says:

hello friend can we find Indian food in phuket

Spitzkopf Larry says:

I Love the thai pancakes with Banana and chocolate 😀

Jack Tan says:

May I know what is the cost to book taxi whole day in Phuket 9-5pm

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