5 Things You Don’t Wanna Miss In Pattaya!

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From morning, to midnight, you just don’t seem to have enough of this place. From corals to paragliding, the floating market and the Alcazar Show, topped with Walking Street, Pattaya is worth a visit!
The places in the video are in the following order:
1. Paragliding, on way to Coral Island. Couldn’t take any videos of the underwater reefs.
2. Floating Market: Little Venice, you could say, always wanted to see it.
3. Alcazar: Renowned dance show.
4. Walking Steeet: Night life at its best.
5. Beach at night: Relax in the calm water washing over your feet.
Didn’t make the video in this format as it would have killed the flow. Part 2 is about Bangkok, feel free to give suggestions.


Vishal wanderlust says:

Beautiful. I am visiting soon

Sibi Abraham says:

Sibi Abraham
1 second ago
The tower jump in pattaya is so good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2iqnUtk3BQ

Allauddin sawpon says:

Nice . Get idea before travel in pattaya city .

Tanawin Jantanasut says:

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Wengelf says:

I live in pattaya

Emile Chiu says:

Hi, it is an interesting video. May i know how many days you all took to visit this 5 attractions? and what is the "true" flow of your trip? 🙂

Daz Lawton says:

wast of your time and effort and my battery life 😪😪😪😪

brownguy says:

Great video . Would like to know about the Paragliding ; did u take a coupon and how to go there ?
Where is the Alcazar ? Where is the beach location ?

Vidur Katyal says:

Great Video!! you should start a travel series!! Good job!!

Trains Unlimited !!! says:

Truly Awesome Video !!!
I like the way you compiled clips 🙂
Well Done !

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