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Phuket Thailand is an island full of luxury villas, insane viewpoints and beautiful hidden beaches. As Thailand’s biggest island, it has a lot to offer. We stayed in the beautiful Banyan Tree Villa in Phuket and had an unforgettable stay. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I edit my Instagram photos!

Yesterday’s vlog – Clearest Water in Thailand, worth it?

I made a video guide to Thailand for you! http://getlosttravels.com/
Banyan Tree Hotel Phuket: http://www.banyantree.com/ca/ap-thailand-phuket-resort

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-What camera and equipment do you use?
-What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX

April XXX, 2016


Lost LeBlanc says:

Tomorrow's video will show you how I edit my Instagram photos!
Coming to Thailand? I made a travel video guide for you!
Don't miss yesterday's – Thailand's clearest water, worth it?

My name is Cedes says:

Phuket is so beautiful!

Free Flowing Thoughts 💭 says:

Absolutely amazing video and accommodations.
I can't wait to visit this place !!!
Thank you for sharing your journey •

petefrodo9 says:

did you guys ever mention the name of this hotel?

Priya Jio says:

What is the name of this resort pls

somsaks2001 says:

You're doing great making Thailand well known to foreigners so they can appreciate what nature has offered.

Viajero says:

youtubers mostly are from c or d, or students or backpackers… correct me if im wrong but I believe 80-90% of your fans /subscribers are the masses… please blog places that are "relatable" , else i can say it'll become less interesting except to those retirees and business travelers whom I guess no time to check youtube.

Louis A. McCaII II says:

It is so dirt cheap in that country that staying in a nice place might be the easiest thing anyone who vacations from a 1st world nation can do. There is really nothing profound about a nice place in Thailand nor is it an indicator of wealth. Odd segue

Ismail Patni says:

how much rent per day for tow person

Lauren Rueda says:

I had a bit of a giggle when your fan found you, bless her little cotton socks! She was absolutely smitten 😍 I'm really enjoying watching you and your girl travel these places that I now can't wait to check out. Cheers for all the best advice and tips. BTW, Wagga Wagga is a town in NSW Australia. I burst out laughing. 🤣👍👍👍

Kevin Diamond says:

Keep kicking ass! Enjoy your luxury and enjoy your travels! You both deserve it! For being on the road, very few understand what its like to spend weeks and months away and those that do understand I am sure they would too appreciate a little comfy bed, strong wifi, and the rest and relaxation that lets you put out the work that you do. Not everyone gets to see the hours of editing, sweat, choddy wifi, hustle, and backpacking with so much expensive gear that goes into creating these videos. Kudos for what you guys are doing and proud in the way you shared authenticly about your opportunities. You have inspired many. Enjoy all of what travels bring as you have. It's refreshing to see authentic people so genuine about appreciating the travel luxuries in your path. Hell yah!

You guys have done an outstanding job showcasing places around the world. Some people will continue to root you on while others will be intimidated by your growth. "if they're hating, then you gotta be doing something right "' =)

Your entitled to everything you've created for yourself. many kudos. You have tons of true fans behind you!

Real question though– How do you maintain awesome work-out habits?
I will be spending bout 25 days in thailand but most importantly about to do 12 months of consecutive travels in 12 different destinations. I have a great healthy workout routine right now with my girlfriend as well and we are figuring out how to adapt it to a travel lifestyle.

hotels with gyms every so often? push ups and pul ups to get by? push ups and abs to a deck of cards- send us some tips! Cheers to you both!

Vaya con dios!

Grant Z says:

#fuckthehaters… I love seeing the amazing places you stay. You guys rock!!!!

Driven Scene says:

You make me miss Thailand

Eric Pelkey says:

Thanks for all the great videos on not only on Thailand but all of the videos watched and love them all

Piper St says:

Nice you make my husband have idea to move to thailand.

Foguete400 says:

So there is nothing to do in Phuket?

Kristina Alingalan says:

Nice videos! I live in Phuket, on to my 7th year now, and it never ceased to amaze me. I have also stayed in Banyan Tree before and that kind of luxury once in a while is just rewarding.

P.S. The beach in 6:07 is Laem Sing, just south of Surin beach 🙂 And the tides are more quiet in Feb to March so sailing would be more enjoyable.

Scott R. Hardie says:

So of all the places you been….what is favorite? Anything stick out in your mind?

Saksit Rod says:


nick pilla says:

the study of wumbology

itZ EKEN says:

Hey man I really like ur videos I really want to do stuff similar to you but I also want to do gaming videos but when I can drive I want to drive every where I can to make vlogs for YouTube and I wanna be like you bro keep it up.

Roberts Michael says:

Kind of wimp dude!!

Jonathan Ah-Yu says:

Love your vlogs Christian ! Keep it up ! Anyway if ever you come to Mauritius 😀 let me know 😀

Charlie Davies says:

Amazing video love it

Darunee Panya says:

Nice talk at the end !,

Neda Gehan says:

That so awesome place thank you for sharing bless you guys

Phee Kasemphantai says:

Thanks you guys

jt kom says:

thank for good video and beautiful place, I end my day or week with watching youtube after working
I  think many people want to be like you by travelling around the world instead of hard working all the year

Maggie Fitzgerald says:

I like the lux!!!!

Ballie Bunny says:

7:30 Like Ping Pong show from the hangover! lol

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