4 One Plate Thai Dishes You’ll Love (Feat. Chicken)

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My good friend Derek, @MakeBistro on Instagram, is passionately obsessed with Thai Food. Derek and I got together to create a video to really get you in the groove of cooking one plate Thai dishes. Whether you love Thai food, have the ingredients, or not, this video is going to inspire you and show you all sorts of glorious techniques you can apply to cooking any dish. These are some of my personal favorite dishes.

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On the menu:
1. Khao Man Gai
2. Thai Fried Rice
3. Khao Soi
4. Pad See Ew

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Dan and Drum
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Mar Khorkhordina says:

what ! a ! treat! of a video- bring him back on the channel if you can !

Samiah Akhtar says:

Seems legit. 👍🏽

Dan says:

Derek you legend and Brothers Green for helping with recipes ,ingredients and cooking tips for awesome Thai dishes. Iv'e searched the net for good Thai recipes and they just weren't as in depth as your series of Thai cooking. Love it keep it up plzz

toby baconator says:

maangi fridge magnet <3

snilrach says:

kao mun gai is the my ultimate comfort food.

skizzarz says:

Awesome but why no wooden cooking utensils? You're short circuiting your meal and neglecting cookware.

skymooov1 says:

Sorry, I find this very funny because the first 5 minutes is basically how I make dinner for my pet rats. I guess my rats eat pretty damn well! 😂😂😂❤🐀

Eragon Kvothe says:

Lucky you have a gas stove

VooDude Studios says:

this is the most asian person you could find? wheres the diversity. he looks like a prepubescent keanu reeves

Eason Chen says:

Hes slaughtering my stomache with hunger 🙁

Sky Sistec says:

Im hungry lol wow I want some of these dishes I wish I learned how to make some thai dishes

InsideOfMyOwnMind says:

We have a Thai restaurant that has the most awesome peanut sauce. I wish I knew how it was made. I've tried several "recipies" but the closest I've seen is the pre-packaged stuff called Taste of Thai peanut sauce.

Tin Kan says:

NICE TOUCH with crispy chicken skin on Khao Mun Gai, you made my mouth watery!!!

Tin Kan says:

I'm Thai, you guys are always so cute together.  Right now I'm in a Rehab and craving some Thai cooking, so I watch YouTube everyday on Thai cooking, I could taste and smell your cooking real well, I could smell it too.  Wish we can cook together sometimes.  I'm moving to my own place by next week, can't wait so I can cook my own yummy Thai dishes…Tin

TheShivus says:

I love, how passionate he is, when talking about food!

Duong Tu says:

I love Khao Man Gai, we have this dish in Vietnam too, it is called "Hainan Chicken Rice" there. It is my most favorite meal when I am kid, made by dad. Ohhhh, heaven in the mouth.

ตรงไป ตรงมา says:

I'm a Tai, I do not know how to do it.

boy pakorn says:

you make Thai people proud

…good job !

Bobby Didcott says:

Half Thai dude here, this is taking me back!! I gotta get back on the stove tomorrow and indulge

bioches says:

The chinese has something similar/same called hainan chicken

MarvinMarvino says:

25:25 you actually eat Broccoli Leaf??

Colin McCarthy says:

aw fuck im mad jealous of that wok and that wok turner… holy shit.

Karina X says:

the sad never ending story of male finger nails that never get cut XDDDD ehhhhhhhh errr XDDD nooooooo

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