3 USD Bus Bangkok to Pattaya

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the easiest cheapest and best way from Bangkok to Pattaya, from both airports and Khaosan Road. from Khaosan take No 2 free bus to Ekkamai, 108 bahts bus Bangkok to Pattay, bus every half an hour, takes about 2:30 hours. Daniel World travel, travel with Daniel


Alivia Nail Art says:

IN which hotel you stay

Alivia Nail Art says:

Come to my country India…

Alivia Nail Art says:

Sir you are great…. Iam from India… In February I will go to Bangkok…. Your videos help me definitely…

Leonardo Fibonacci says:

Why go to Pattaya? Pattaya is a garbage dump!

Warum nach Pattaya? Pattaya ist eine Müllhalde!

Jay J says:

How do u decide where to go next?

Vdyr tss says:

Any food review?

Syed Rizwan says:

Howz weather in Thailand ? Is it hot and humid and request you to take care of urself.

Paul Lazarus says:

thank you for the fast uploads Daniel! try to make a "beautiful people of pattaya" series if you can! really big fan of yours!

Supoj Rangsipat says:

Be careful the Thai girls in Pattaya will say I love you, just like in Albania . OK

Awnish Thukral says:

Mudrika Bus Sewa.

Zak S. says:

I like your video but you can travel directly from Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) for 130 baht. On a much nicer bus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka5sCmYcvFE&t=2s

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