3 Days in Phuket Thailand | Weekend Wanders

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♫ Tea Time – Ouranos
♫ Groove – Ark Patrol
♫ Sunday, Keep Me Right (Rain Song) – PLC
Lots of love,
Jenny ♥


bobbyjovi says:

Why do you sound like an Australian version of Kim Kardashian??Sounds pathetic.

Gary Ng says:


Gordon French says:

Very nice video of Phuket 🙂

alsjfklasd says:

This is the first video I seen where you don't wear makeup. Your plain face is soooooo gorgeous and your smile is the most adorable thing evaaa

Lucky Valera says:

I luv yur phuket vid

Janet Velazquez says:

beautiful video…thailand looked amazing and ur dad was so cool hanging out with u but at the same time giving u space to do ur own thing…thanks for sharing

Serinmary Pulikottil says:

I am looking forward to a trip to Phuket with my dad This video made me choose phuket instead of singapore
it's a 2 day trip on a small budget do you have any tips to enjoy the place to the fullest?

Gracie C says:

How are you always so positive and confident? 😂😂 teach me

Gracie C says:

OMG how do you get to do such cool things? Forreal

gary kirkham says:

Hello Jenny. Thank you for sharing this video with us…fantastic footage. You must be the happiest, chattiest person on 'youtube' Cheers Gary

黄野生 says:


gotoparis cheer says:

Cutie,I love your outfit,its so fresh look,where did you get it?

Cynthiellla says:

The place looks incredible!! Lucky you!

Phyllis Z says:

the view is priceless…等我回国约了一起旅游吧 哈哈…

~^losol^~ says:

Love your vid

lucy. says:

been waiting for this since your snapchat stories ! looks like you had fun<3

Hi Felecia says:

What's the name of the last song?

Abdul Fariz says:

Great video. If you dont mind me asking what's the song starting from 7:20 onwards??

Sandra Phan says:

living the life 😙😙
life goals xoxo

Kenneth Mok says:

Brilliant video ! Keep up the good work ! Splendid !

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