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Join me on a 3-day vacation to Koh Samui, an island in the Gulf of Thailand, and see what I wear on a beach getaway.

We left the city of Chiang Mai, where we’re living for one month, in search of sun, sea and sand. Our search led us to the island of Koh Samui, a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand near Koh Tao and Koh Pangnan.

It was a bit of a crazy journey to get there, but worth every second. Koh Samui is beautiful, full of perfect sand beaches, palm trees and coconuts. There’s also plenty to explore, so we rented a scooter on Koh Samui to do just that!

We stayed at the Escape Beach Resort on Koh Samui and it was a great hotel for the price, and cheap compared to other nearby hotels. It made a great base to explore Koh Samui and we definitely got our money’s worth at the infinity pool and beach.

For this 3-day beach vacation, I packed two bikinis and beach outfits, two daytime outfits for exploring and two evening outfits for dinner and drinks. It would have easily fitted in a carry on, but we didn’t want to travel with hand luggage only. I’ll show you what I wore throughout the vlog today.

I’ve got a few more Thailand vlogs coming up and I’ll be sharing those on Wednesdays and Sundays. As well as the travel vlogs and tips for digital nomad life that I share on this travel channel, I also run a travel blog at Alajode.com. Head over there for more tips, travel advice and reviews, including the Escape Beach Resort in Koh Samui.

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Alfred Stimoli says:

Great vid. A little confused how much extra would it have cost to fly into Koh Samui? BTW, Koh Samui has won multiple awards as pine of the most attractive international airports.

Photografia Australis says:

Awesome place. Thank you for sharing Jodie.

Jamie Banks says:

Thanks for these packing tips! hope to go here soon!

Mark Walden says:

Nice Vlog Jodie

Will Y says:

Another great video… I really like you music choices, any chance of you listing the music that you use in you videos?

Pedal Power Touring says:

So only 3 pairs of shoes or did we miss a couple? ;-)Another great video Jodie, keep 'em coming. Cheers.

Scottman895 Travel says:

Koh Samui looks beautiful! I bet it was quite fun driving a scooter around the island!

allan sisson says:

I like this vlog. Everyone always asks what to pack and what to wear. Came out well too, great job. That unicorn, so funny

Brian P Alvarez says:

Loved the vlog, my wife and I are documenting our adventures, hope we can connect soon! By the way, we totally subscribed! Keep it up!

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