2018 Relaxing Blues Music | Joe Bonamassa A Place In my Heart (4K)

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2018 Relaxing Blues Music | Joe Bonamassa A Place In my Heart (4K)
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Alex Peralta says:

Oh yeah !! Is good !!

Joe B says:

Another great one hellmaker

Tony Pappas says:

Joe is my favorite Bluse artist man!!!!!!!! Combination of vocals and brilliant playing. Thanks so much for putting this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awatef Martini says:

I love this music .. that's great❤💋

Владимир Размерийа says:

Спасибо,шикарный Блюз.

Susi Harianto says:

Luar biasa…. so cool

Venator says:

Excellent Eric, thank you brother 😎

By Myself says:

Kudos to Joe LOVE IT 💙 Thank you Hellmaker 💙

Zehra Tanıyan says:

Wow! I'm dying! Thanks HM.

Andy Jazz says:


Nanou LESUEUR says:

Wow !!! I really love that… Boe Bonamassa will always have a place in my bluesy heart…TY Hellmaker ❤

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