2015-02-28 drive-lapse from Bangkok to Pattaya, 6x speed, 1080p, 60fps

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07:40 Suvarnabhumi Airport


Lal Kumar says:

How did you add the speed graphics on the video?

Rex Lu says:


Tom Abbott says:

Anyway, very nice video. Next time you come though, you'll probably have to fly in and rent a car.

Tom Abbott says:

Anyway, driving a foreign registered car to Bangkok will soon be illegal – if caught, a 10000 Baht fine will be levied, the car seized for investigation and then towed (at the owner's/driver's expense) to the nearest border for export (this means Laos for Chinese cars). Chinese campervans and motorcycles will also be banned from entering Thailand and Chinese cars will need advance permission to enter, after which driving permission will only be allowed inside the border province entered. Unless you go through a Thai based tour operator.

Tom Abbott says:

Geez you must have a lot of holidays to have time to drive so far? Or maybe you don't have a job? I can't understand how Chinese can drive like 5000km+ one way for a trip to Thailand, they must have like 3 months holidays.

Tom Abbott says:

If you drove from Beijing to Bangkok, what were you doing at the airport? Planning to fly out of Bangkok and leave the car there?

physika says:

thanks for this video. it reminds me of my trip to pattaya last time. very nice.

Jesadakorn Dontong says:

รถติดจนเกิดความวุ่นวายแล้วครับ ทั้งกทม พัทยา และพื้นที่ของจังหวัดชลบุรี

Xam Rebaf says:

wow – what dashcam? thanks

Nicolight22 says:

Just WOW !!!

Chun Wang says:

07:40 Suvarnabhumi Airport

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