170521 GOT7 BamBam & Yugyeom – Finding Thai restaurants in Korea (en sub)

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Please excuse me if I get certain dishes names wrong.


Iris Joy says:

What does Bambam say to the Thai owners on 03:27 ?

elfstarlight says:

that green curry looked so good @_@ if i had to eat only one dish for the remainder of my life it would be green curry

Nancy Hong says:

Whoever edited 0:57 is amazing

namfon says:

went to both amazing thailand and kkaoli pochana. amazing thailand mfing slapped i reccomend it the most lol 55555 but when i went to kkaoli pochana its just krn workers here and nothing is spicy. i asked for more spicy. i got more peanuts on my somtum instead 🤔🤔 maybe they got thai chefs lol

Bink Bc3 says:

Whats the name of that camera that yugyeom is using?

Dragon Slayer says:

6:446:49 I died

Join the ARMY We have KOOKIE! says:

haha so cute Thai food is really amazing i guarantee !! จริงๆนะ XD

Yolei Sou says:

I felt so happy seeing Bam's smiling so brightly !! I am glad he has such restaurants that give off home feels to him 🙂

annyeong oppa says:

Pop na Pop lols

teresa qu says:

"Amajiiiinnnggg" – Yugyeom

Tatyanna Fernandez says:

bambam fucking up some food shiit lemme cook for you 🤓🤗

Peniel M says:

They're so cute when they together, and their reaction for Thai food really funny. haha.
ดูแล้วหิวข้าววุ้ย !

kpopaddict94 says:

I love how Thai BamBam is ❤❤❤❤ and I'm saying that as a non Thai 😂 he's just refreshing umongst the mostly Korean member, their all great tho!! I feel like BamBams really proud of being Thai. He's always talking about his culture and the way he acts is a bit different than the others, not as "refined" and yes that's a complement, it means he's more authentic. Jackson's (I know he's Chinese) kinda like that too, it might just be their pesonalitys but I think it might also be a cultural thing aswell.

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