10 Most Common Scams in Thailand all Tourists Need to Know

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10 Most Common Scams in Thailand all Tourists Need to Know – Going to Thailand soon? Then you need to know all these scams, if not you’ll go back broke!

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Dawn Lum (Instagram: @dawnayye or https://www.instagram.com/dawnayye/)


vvv vvv says:

This girl has such a cute personality.

Ms Visio says:

Not going to this shithole. I would rather spend my money in Singapore!

Valentino Photography says:

thanks for sharing! anyway there are nice places to visit 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfrtAn4Bo0g

Rogue Male says:

Scammers are the ones giving the thumbs down to this informative video.

blades Ultra lock laces says:

Yes that was good 😅😅😅 advice 😅😅😅

Nicole Lollipops says:

Can you mark the money ?

aurellio roccone says:

VIET NAM was enough

aurellio roccone says:

Who the fuck wants to go where the aids is more than all the world fuck Thailand

Walkertongdee says:


Key Topic says:

Pretty valid , however I'll add one more >
You meet Thai gurl online…
After months you arrive in BKK where she welcomes you and off to your hotel.
You both have laptops and other devices that are left around while in bed in shower…
When she has the chance – she zips all your info out of your device , and has all access there after.
I suppose it could go into extortion or plain identity theft any time after that.
Some of the sleaziest expat tourist trash – actually are behind some of this – have their
GF do the scam for them. Do back ground checks .

Mike Perkins says:

Shooting from the hip and no bullshit, thanks.Good presentation, thank you

Anthony C says:

Just don't goto Thailand

Skullbones 17 says:

😂😂😂 I crashed a jet ski in patong and I payed a lot of money😅.

Henrik Dahl says:

Thanks to crazy chinese tourist for pick All price up in Thailand , more difficult to get taxi with meters because This People like Pay overprice for services , everything changes there because some tourists like to be scammed.

Alan Saxon says:

I was thinking of going to Thailand this year. I don’t think I’ll bother now! 😂

Survival Silly says:

Women say ka or car, not krab or krub – men use this.

Kee Chow says:

good job.
too many scams in Siem don't go there!!

Osborne Bay says:

Love your English, good work and keep up dear.

George Hindle says:

you're a girl so you should say Sawasdee Ka not Krub, Sawasdee Krub is Masculine and Sawasdee Ka is Feminine, Hey i'm a Thai-French-British so……. THE MORE YOU KNOW…..Languages 🙂

iAwareNow says:

better to just not travel to places run by the evil Azteks in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.. see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGkRYyAOVSI

Qau Loj says:

You westerners are sooooo desperate for our Thai pussy. Many of our women who have been prostitution their whole life will rob you and take all your money! Hahaha
Western white male are so dumb!

K Ben says:

She is so cute, especially her accent .. Heheheee

U if fbk Ttg says:


b_FUGL p. says:

Damn, she's cute.

Rajender Rajender says:

Thank you sister

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