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I’ll show you my top 10 Thai food and restaurant in Chiang Mai, including excellent restaurants and world-class street foods.

In this video, I’m not only going to show you just Thai restaurants or Thai cuisines. I’m going to show you International dishes from all over the world.

In the video, the average dish cost is between 50 baht to 250 baht.

I have all the locations listed on Google maps. If you’re in town, you can check them out yourself. I’ll have a link near the end of the video for every location I listed in this video, except for one location and you’ll see why later on.

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Jesse Rendon says:

I am surprised you only have 162 subscribers. This video was really great. I hope you get many more subscribers. Fantastic job. 🙂

Mac Mac says:

The worst youtuber spotted here.

kevin morison says:

I apologize for my uncouth comment a while back. Very sorry and God bless.

Jason Burt says:

SP Chicken, YUM YUM Arroy

Yo Keli says:

Thank you for the information, best advice for my second trip to ChiangMai.

Tasty Mango Life says:

I love chkangmai food too

Mark Ives says:

Really well done set of reviews.

danahsutton101 says:

Dim Sum location???

Michael French says:

I enjoyed your presentation and hope to visit Chiang Mai in the near future…

Levi LCL says:

This is good! But if you want to eat in Chiang Mai in a flower garden thats great for date night? I did a video on this to add to this discussion of great eats in Chiang Mai, thanks Keyframe5

Sita Varma says:

"Salsa kitchen" is wonderful, all meals is sooo tasty. And big portions always. I absolutely recommend this place.

Brannigan Farnsworth says:

That last location doesn't look as nice as you think it does. Looks like a dingy creek

Christine Cusi says:

where is the dimsum located?


I live between the Corner Bistro, Kad Suan Kaew, and the Salsa Kitchen. Lemontree and K's Kitchen are good in the same area. Tam Jai Sung has great Shan food, too.

Piya Michelle says:

Thank You for this video. Me and my husband been thinking moving to Chiang Mai.

Sana Chan says:

Very good VDO !

Dubsackjack says:

I could eat that whole bowl of soup + two sodas 😉 Of course, I'm 218 lbs at 5'10" lol

K3ITH Price says:

I love Kao Soi and Sai ua. My favourite regional food is Isaan food. Larb pla duk is amazing.
Great video. I will be back in Chiang Mai in June. My first few days will just be a whirlwind of eating.

North Yippie says:

You have great content! I watched two other videos you made, and I came away better informed than when I started. Your videos are gems for people like me who have never been to Chiang Mai, and who is considering moving there in the near future.

Rick Barrett says:

Alas 1,507 subscribers now and growing. Well done, thank you. April 02, 2017

Boristos Jaxon says:

Nice video mate but I'm pretty sure that #1 is sai ua, which is northern Thai sausage

acajudi100 says:

i am Muslim, so The Halal would be best for me.

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