🇹🇭 Checked Baggage Theft: Phuket International Airport

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How many times have you been reminded not to pack valuables in your checked baggage?

A video clip has been circulating on social media recently, showing a Ground Staff at the Phuket International Airport stealing valuables from checked luggages in the undercarriage area.

The Phuket International Airport later clarified that, the video was suspected to be leaked by an employee of the I.S.S., the security firm working for the JetStar flight.

The Royal Thai Police has worked with the Tourist Police and the relevant agencies, to send a spy into the Airport, filming the offences, for the suppression of theft in the airport area, especially burglaries in the cargo area under the aircraft.

In this case, the offender has been arrested and prosecuted.

Video source: Thai Aviation Careers


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