✈ TRAVEL VLOG ✈ Koh Samui (Thailand) Day 1

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https://youtu.be/Wplm5VJ778o (Watch in HD!)

✈ Koh Samui Day One ✈
Watch me and my friends, Annie and Erin, explore different parts of the east side of Koh Samui!

♪ Music by Airia ♪

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Flight Mania says:

If you are still there I will be there immediately 🙂

marco filipponi says:

Very good vlog

Scott Adkins 1988 says:

you are very hot.

chandler bing bong says:

the place looks dead

buya shaka says:

they really wanted to drive with taxameter hahaha welcome on koh samui 😀

Thailand Nightlife 808 says:

Great vlogs and look forward to more.

Wayan Darmstadt says:

great videos have been in thailand 19 times first time was back in 1986 when i was 6 years old



Samrat Mukherjee says:

ac cab 150/- vs pick up truck 50/- each for a total 150/- – way to go for choosing pick up !!! 🙂

Four wheel driver ฺ says:

หมวยยูเอสน่าฮักเน๊อ 555

Ricardo Ollivierre says:

I'm doing something similar. I subscribed to you and hope you can help a fellow new Youtuber out.

Hulda D says:

ahaha a Tuk Tuk is the way to go!!! Cabs never have their meter going in Koh Samui!!!! Ugh I miss Koh Samui 🙁 Coconut soup with Coconut water !!!! huldadestin.org

Andy Sweet says:

nice vid shannoster

BrunosWorld says:

Cool stuff 👍🏻. Subbed to you hoping you could do the same. Let's support each other.☺️

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