✈ Thailand 2016 | Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya

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Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya – May/June 2016

Feder – Blind
Tourist – Run
Kongos – Come With Me Now


Somchai manman says:


SkyPuffZz :L says:

My country thanks for visiting 😀

Viajando afora says:

Nice video!
I just uploaded a new one about our Thailand trip! It´s a real PARADISE!!!

Steve Fox says:

Out of all the places you been to, which one was your favourite – Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya ? 🙂

Louis KLS says:

Thailand have no war but the economy still like shit till nowadays when you make a comparition with other asia countries have a lot of misfortune, at least they should be like Taiwan or Malaysia but they dont .In Conclution: most of their people are most stupid in Asia


china nuclear wars
china nuclear wars
china nuclear wars
china nuclear wars

The Wild Rover says:

What an excellent video!! I'm sixty one and that reminded me of what it was like to be twenty something!! 🙂 Unfortunately I didn't get to Thailand until I was fifty, but managed to do some catching up since then. 🙂

Egg and Bacon says:

Young, Wild & Free !!
Great video👍
#HalfThai here 😀

Levent Ünver says:

nice wideo guys realy thx

Natalia R says:

how you did this animation with plane in the begining?

tam lê thi says:

toàn thứ dâm dục

Kswiss Alien says:

dude… I feaking love your videos…

Mario Leijon-Backe says:

Very good vidio…..


where did u do that gun excercise?

jollyzoro says:

How high were you guys exactly? 😀 Great vid!

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